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Stephen Callister

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Messrs. Callister & Broberg are Partners of Callister & Broberg, LLP, a Glendale, CA-based law firm originally founded in 1929 by family ancestors of Messrs. Callister and Broberg.

The firm specializes in estate, tax, succession business planning, and probate matters, and advanced planning, including irrevocable trusts, estate insurance planning, family limited partnerships and limited liability companies, private foundations, charitable remainder trusts, and retirement plan distribution planning.

The firm also specializes in business transactions and tax law in general, encompassing business entity planning, tax planning, asset sales and purchases, stock sales, redemptions and purchases, real estate sales and purchases (including 1031 exchanges), real estate leases, equipment leases, loan documentation and secured transactions, private placement offerings, employment contracts, retirement planning, and stock option plans for corporate, professional and private clients primarily in the real estate and healthcare industries.

The firm has counseled Landwin and its Managers for many years.

Mr. Callister resides with his family in Palos Verdes, CA, and Mr. Broberg resides with his family in La Cañada, CA.

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